Aniki Gospel

Bridging spiritual gap through music.

My Story

God has had to take me through some rough patches to bring the best out of me. Like Gold, the refiner takes me through the furnace that I may be pure and shine bright. I have discovered my destiny, there's no going back!!! Holy Spirit, you are in charge..now and forever.  Greater grace, greater glory..........

Who is Aniki?

Aniki is a gifted singer, song writer and recording gospel artiste. She is a worship leader at Tender Grace Christian Centre. She has been in the music ministry since 1995  and has gained exposure to several music mentors and gospel worshippers. Raised in a strong christian background, her music ministry is deeply rooted in the word of God, inspiration from the Holy Spirit and uplifting messages through personal experiences.

My Mission

My mission is simply to lead as many people as I can to the cross through my music. I would like to use my music to create a portal connecting trinity to humanity such that souls may be worn over to Christ. I also would like to use my music to encourage heavy hearts never to give up because God can do all things and change every situation. Hold on a little while longer, your change is here.